Terminating Subscription Services.

You may terminate your registration at any time by contacting our Member Services Department. If you have a dispute with us relating to the Website or the Services, you may cancel your registration or cease use of the Website. The cancellation of your membership or ceasing all use of our Website is your only remedy with respect to any such dispute that you may have with us. We will attempt to process all cancellation requests within 72 hours after we receive your request. If you have purchased a fee-based Service from us, any such termination or cancellation is subject to the refund policy described in the Additional Terms. From time to time certain members do not comply with the terms and conditions in these Terms of Service. If we determine, in our sole discretion, that you are not in compliance with these Terms of Service, we reserve the right to terminate your membership. Upon any termination or cancellation of your membership, we may immediately deactivate or delete your membership and all related information and/or bar any further access to your membership or information.

Refund Policy.

All fees relating to Subscription Services, including the initial fees and any subsequent automatic renewal fees (as further described below), are non-refundable after the first 31 days of each monthly payment.

Automatic Renewal Program.

Upon your acceptance of an offer for monthly Subscription Services, you will be enrolled in 4xmentoring.com automatic renewal program to help ensure that there is no interruption of your member privileges. Under this program, you authorize 4xmentoring.com to automatically renew your subscription at the end of the term of the subscription you purchased, and each subsequent term, for the same term length of the subscription you initially purchased (unless otherwise stated in the offer you accepted). Unless you take the necessary steps to remove yourself from gaubfx.com automatic renewal program, at the time of each such renewal you authorize 4xmentoring.com to charge your credit card (or other payment method) at the then-current, non-promotional price for the renewal of your Subscription Services.

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